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Enroling at Unique school

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The first meeting with parents: in person, at an online presentation, or an open day


Consultation of the child with the teacher and the psychologist: entrance testing


We sign a study agreement, provide documents and wait for the child at school

The main purpose of consultation and entrance testing is to determine the child's readiness to learn and define if the school meets the parents' expectations. During the introductory campaign, we need to ensure that our school is right for your child and has values ​​in common with your family. Thus, the level of academic preparation of the child is one of the criteria for admission but is not decisive. After testing, we provide detailed feedback.

School fees


One time admission fee - 14 000 UAH (non-refundable)School Meals are paid separately – from 120 UAH for a full day


Fee per month

15 070 UAH


Fee per semester (5 months)

71 445 UAH


Fee per year (10 months)

137 390 UAH


Fee per month

18 370 UAH


Fee per semester
(5 months)

87 230 UAH


Fee per year
(10 months)

164 835 UAH


    ● Lessons until 15.00 o'clock● Possibility to stay until 19.00 o'clock in the full day mode


    ● Unlimited after-school activities from 15.00 to 19.00 o'clock (except robotics and carving clubs)● For preschool: full day at the standard price.

What is included in Unique School student study package:

    A set of textbooks and notebooks from all disciplines
    Stationery and study equipment, use of electronic educational services, applications, information resources
    Equipment and materials for classes in clubs and studios
    Fees for participation in competitions, school holidays and parties
    Trainings for parents
    Psychological counseling



If you didn't find the answer to your question, contact us 

  • How is the individual approach to learning implemented?

    Unique School – a school where every child is valued and opportunities are created for the entire disclosure of their talents and abilities. Therefore, we guarantee an individual approach for each student.
    What does an individual approach involve?● Individual support from the mentor and supervision of each child, support of students.● Taking into account the individual characteristics of the child and learning style, ways of perceiving new material.● Learning at the appropriate pace through dividing into groups and providing multilevel learning materials (e.g., in English).● Individual group consultations with a psychologist if the child needs support.● Tracking of individual progress through an individual card.● Group support in the framework of classes "Leader in me" and a series of courses on developing different types of thinking.
    To learn about mentoring click on the link.

  • Is there homework?

    There is, but their scope is significantly limited because most of the tasks students have time to complete in lessons, in classes of independent work. Students of 1-2 grades are practically absent, and those of 3-4 grades students have tasks, but in the minimum volumes with which they can cope during independent work. The exception is "family" project tasks, which teachers offer to perform together with parents to enable interesting communication in the family.

    From the 5th grade, the volume of tasks increases, but most students who work at a high and medium pace can complete them at school.

  • How do we create a safe environment?

    The concept of "security" applies to many different phenomena. Not only can the environment be safe, but communication, movement, psychological climate, working conditions, and information space.
    But security is not just the absence of potential threats. The concept of a "safe school" includes actions aimed at creating favorable conditions for the educational process.
    As a mother, I am very concerned that my child's safety is also respected on the Internet. What does the school do for this?Suppose a fire broke out in the room where my child is studying. Does the school have an algorithm for action in this case?The child has a headache or fever. How does the school help solve the problem? And other issues that often concern parents we cover in detail in the article and posts via link.

  • Social activities at school

    The life of Unique School is filled with social activities:● For example, by sorting garbage at school, students understand that in this way, they care about their future and the future of the planet.● By helping children in orphanages, they understand that in this way, they take care of those who need it most.● By defending a project that collects data on electricity consumption, monitors electricity generation methods, explores the concept of "green energy," and calculates how profitable it is to use green technologies. Students understand that they will use this knowledge in life for their country's benefit.

  • How and by what system is English taught? What knowledge does the child acquire?

    English is taught communicatively, starting with 0/1 grades. Classes are held 4 times a week in grades 1-4. Also, according to the English Friday concept, an additional English lesson with a native speaker every Friday.
    Once a week, students study Data Science in English. Particular attention is paid to the study of mathematics in English. From the 4th grade, there are additional 2 hours of English language course on the scientific type of thinking Big Science.
    The school conducts systematic, integrated lessons, case days, project defense, and thematic holidays.
    Students also have additional English lessons in the form of groups and constantly participate in various city and international competitions and Olympiads.
    The English language is taught at modern educational complexes of Green Country, Pearson, Macmillan, Cambridge, and National Geographic publishers with a combination of additional textbooks to complete assignments and prepare students for international exams.

  • What is the basic pedagogical concept?

    We create an environment in which the child is interested in discovering the world. The learning process is built in such a way as to stimulate the cognitive activity of each student. The students work in teams, receive not-ready answers to questions, but have the opportunity to explore particular topics and form their conclusions. We believe that if the student asks the question: "What will happen next?" - and the teacher guides him, sets open tasks, using specific forms and methods of educational activities, it motivates the child to learn not only within the school but also throughout life.

  • How do you provide psychological support?

    Psychological support is provided to support the quality of the educational process, the value environment and the principles of school interaction, the development of student competencies, and emotional support.Implemented through:● group and individual interaction with students;● briefings with teachers;● interaction with parents (informing parents about class life through communication channels);● conversations with the student's parents to inform and develop joint decisions;● organization of parent meetings of the class, etc.

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