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Future First-Grader Academy

Is your first-grader school ready? Not yet? Then, we invite you to an interesting and exciting adventure with the summer preparation program from UNIQUE SCHOOL!

Offline and online school preparation courses


Children's learning must continue no matter where they are now because it gives them confidence in the future. We organize both offline and online school preparation courses. Classes are held in a dynamic form with a constant change of activities: warm-ups, finger exercises, and creative elements that help children not to get tired and bored.

Integrated program:


It considers the knowledge requirements in modern state standards of new curricula. Learning is built on the principle from elementary to simple, from simple to complex, to form in children a positive experience and motivation for learning and development:


Leadership lessons

We teach according to the Mr.Leader program: we form result orientation, systematic thinking, effective communication, planning, independence, responsible attitude, and a holistic worldview


Math and logic

Interesting math without borders opens the door to the country of attractive numbers, actions with them, and exciting problems. Logic - we develop imagination, form the ability to highlight the important, draw conclusions, make decisions, and argue an opinion


Ukrainian language (writing and reading)

Let's learn to hold a pencil correctly, work with a notebook, and write in straight and diagonal lines. We learn to read according to Zaitsev's method with the help of tables, specially designed cubes, and videos



We will learn new words, phrases, and sentences on various everyday topics, learn to answer basic questions, as well as remember the alphabet, learn to write, and even read the first words in English


STEM and scientific thinking

We reveal the secrets of the world around us, introduce the child to the world of beauty and harmony, and light the fire of curiosity. The child will understand many laws of nature and learn the properties of things that surround him


Creativity lessons

Let's get acquainted with the artist's tools and the laws of color mixing and learn about drawing with different techniques and styles. We will become real artists, explore a variety of creative techniques


  • How do I know if my child is ready for school and needs courses?

    We have prepared a special guide to help determine if your child is ready for school "Soft та hard skills. Criteria and recommendations for developing skills for life"— a guide based on the materials of the NUMO content platform.

  • What are children taught in preparatory courses?

    Express training in the summer usually includes training in the main areas:● Ukrainian language (reading, literacy, and writing);● mathematics and logic.

    We are not limited to these disciplines, with children engaged in developing language and logical thinking, the correct formation of thoughts. In addition, experienced educators emphasize memory training so that the future student can easily absorb large amounts of information at the beginning of the school year.
    Foreign languages ​​are another area in our program. In preschool, words are easy to remember, and dialogues are processed in the form of games, which greatly facilitates the learning of English.
    The child's creative skills are not left out. At our school preparation courses, children will have lessons in fine arts, applications, and modeling from plasticine and paper. As a result, every child has the opportunity to discover their talents and learn something new.
    In addition, we pay attention to the development of scientific thinking and leadership.

  • What does an example of a daily schedule look like?

    ● Leadership lessons (Mr.Leader program)
    ● Math and logic
    ● Ukrainian language (writing and reading)
    ● English language
    ● Creativity lessons

  • If it is not possible to pay for school preparation courses?

    Leave an application, and we will consider providing a significant discount or sharing ready-made materials for self-preparation.

  • Why is it better to attend courses than to study at home?

    Preparing for school at home can not give future first-grader all the necessary knowledge and skills. In courses with experienced teachers, children receive the essential knowledge but socialize. Such matters are especially important for preschoolers who have not attended kindergarten. The child learns to communicate with adults, communicate, get acquainted, and make friends.
    Courses are also helpful in that they train attention and help to socialize. As a result, the future student becomes more organized, responsible, and independent. We focus not only on academic knowledge but also help reveal the student's inner potential. Quality preparation for school guarantees that the child will go to first grade without fear and with a desire for knowledge!

  • When does study start?

    We start on June 1, both online and offline.

  • What if we plan to join the study later?

    It is possible because a new thematic level is launched every two weeks, to which new children can join and continue learning with those who started studying earlier.


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    6 Leontovycha Street,
    Kyiv Oblast

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    Phone numbers

    +380 063 886 0947 (Orysia, administrator)+380 067 811 5363 (Iryna, founder and CEO)

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