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HR processes

The team is the most significant value of the school. Therefore, each teacher's personal and professional development is one of our most important tasks. The HR support system consists of:

    Career and management track for each team member
    Extended plan for adaptation of new employees
    System training before starting work
    Monthly trainings
    Individual curricula and goal setting
    Certifications and assessment of competencies
    Participation in competitions of all-Ukrainian and international levels
    Regular 1: 1 (individual meetings) and feedback

Team values

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We are constantly learning and sharing experiences. We involve partners and experts in team training. We do not interfere with each other's growth. We are interested in educational trends and introduce innovations

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We share knowledge, experience, and achievements. As a team, rejoice in joint victories and form a holistic image of the organization. We accept the world as it is and try to contribute.

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    Passion for work

We love jokes, laughter, work, travel, music, and sweets. We appreciate beauty, harmony, and taste. We dream and help others to dream. We boldly start a new one and take on tasks that seem fantastic.

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    Attention to yourself

We value activity, healthy eating, sleep, and free time. The work has a schedule, but the times are different. Sometimes you just need to let go of the situation and relax. We rationally allocate resources.

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    Mutual assistance

We offer help instead of criticizing you. The workspace is not for discrimination but friendship, empathy, productivity, and happiness. We respect personal boundaries and are not ashamed of our emotions.

We motivate:

    to develop professionally and personally
    to booster individual talents and strengths
    to support each other and seek inspiration together
    to be happy and complete individuals at work and in life
    to realize professional dreams and achieve goals
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